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Ari Wow. 21. Queer. Mixed. Prefer to be referred to as: "Ari."
N. Virginia born, NoVA&Cali raised.
Into Feelings&Thoughts.

trigger warnings: i take accountability for the fact that i have not done tws in the past. i will from now on be conscious of putting "tw: [content that may be triggering]" before posts that i think need that. i will also put those into the tags for use w/ things like savior. please let me know a preferred system for you/tw's that i do not do that you need and/or want.

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"‘Over my mask/ is your mask of me.’ (Mitsuye Yamada) These masking roles exact a toll. ‘My mask is control/ concealment/ endurance/ my mask is escape/ from my/ self.’ (Mitsuye Yamada) ‘We are all bleeding, rubbed raw behind our masks.’ After years of wearing masks we may become just a series of roles, the constellated self limping along with its broken limbs."

Making Face, Making Soul: Haciendo Cara

Creative and Critical Perspectives by Feminists of Color

edited by Gloria Anzaldua

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